Friday, March 22, 2013

The Bloody Jug Band

The Bloody Jug Band are what would happen if the Devil fucked the Country Bear Jamboree.


Just look at these fucking guys (and gal):

Needless to say I fucking love this band. So much love that they deserve the three fucks that have already been given at this point. We caught the Bloody Jug Band at a Spooky Empire horror convention and luckily enough a member of our party was able to see through the haze of alcohol induced debauchery enough to realize this was some awesome in front of us and picked up a CD. Since then the Jug Band has been a part of my regular listening rotation.

It's not often in life when that album comes along that just hits on all cylinders for you but Coffin Up Blood sure as hell does. My music has always been punk rock but now, as I make my way into the middle age of life, I've grown more musically diverse in my need for "more". I've been enjoying a mess of acoustic punk lately, a lot of psychobilly, and even this country/bluegrass revival "ish" type of noise you hear from the likes of The Goddamn Gallows. Throw all of that stuff in a mixing jar, add a touch of my love of horror, and pour that shit over awesome. Serve that concoction up with a side of macabre showmanship and there you have The Bloody Jug Band.

Guitars, mandolin, washtub bass, bloody jug, harmonica, a washboard played by a devil sounding mad man and the sultry sounds of Stormy Jean all point in the direction of a dark, moss covered, swamp road. When a tire blows on your car and you find yourself stranded and lacking cell phone service one can only assume that god awful death from terrible forces are all that await you in this cliche moment. Off in the distance there is music from a run down cabin hidden deep in the swamp. Not one to wait one on your supernatural killer it seems a reasonable idea to check in this cabin. Maybe they have a phone? But in all likelihood all that they have are knives and an unquenchable craving for flesh. When you enter the cabin your senses are attacked by all manner of devil, demon, and abominations not meant for human eyes. Beyond their twisted acts of depravity is one band to entertain them. That band?

Fucking Right

Such is the imagery of the Bloody Jug Band. It feels like a story more than just an album. It's very nice right now that they are small band to the Florida scene but I can easily see these guys growing and cultivating their own little cult following. I haven't been able to stop listening to Coffin Up Blood and I can't suggest enough that everyone do what they can to help support this band. It will be hard to follow up such a great album but if anyone can do it it's these crazy folks.

Check them out at:

The Bloody Jug Band


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