Wednesday, January 16, 2013


When it media is at it's best it is amazing. When books are at their best it is the best form of media. When I have a 5/5 star book that I can't put down nothing is better. A great movie is wonderful, a good video game is addictive but nothing compares to when you get lost in your own mind when you are stuck in a book.

There is nothing better then getting all the way to the end of a book and it's hard for you to do anything else for a minute because you are still stuck in that world.

Nexus by Ramez Naam is one of those books.

A new sub genre of science fiction that I have come to love most is predictive futurism. It's stuff that is possibly a few years in the future and is the next potential ground breaking changes in our society. Nexus is just full of this stuff.

Nexus is a drug that lets your hack your brain. The story that revolves around it is very fun as it unwraps in a kind of Bourne Identity espionage/man on the inside kind of way but the implications are much more. Phrases like "post human" and "super intelligence" abound in this book and the questions that are brought up and the characters they flow through are put together well and as it all unfolds its hard to not want to ask for more.


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